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It is important to know that any computer equipment, may it be a CPU, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse or Printer, would only last for a while and not forever, even we ourselves, last for an appointed time.

To get a deep understanding of how to care for your computer equipment that it may last longer, consider reading the following headings:

Physical Aspect of Caring for your Machine

Some people would spend five thousand dollars ($5000.00) hire purchase to get a computer and when they get it then expect for it to last a lifetime. Some also accused merchants of selling them equipment that is bad because they did not care their machine. Any computer and peripherals would go bad within a six months period of purchase without proper care. In the “Caribbean Region” it is necessary to get your unit serviced at least two or three times a year by competent professionals. It has been proven that due to the climate that we have, it is necessary to ensure that our system is cleaned twice a year. The dust build‐up from the internal fans along with insect excrement poses a problem. I have also seen the salt air blowing in from the sea rotten a few computer mainboards and cases in Barbados. The problem with power is a very serious one in the Caribbean.

So to make it clear on the physical aspect of caring for your PC, you would need to ensure that your computer equipment is:

1. Serviced (cleaned) at least twice a year (*)
2. Computer must always be elevated above the floor or off the ground (try to keep the area clean and tidy at all times)
3. System must always be in a safe place free from where it can easy fall
4. Ensure at all times that your computer and peripherals are connected to an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) or use a Voltage Regulator. (*)
5. Try as hard as possible not to expose your system to too much salt air or sea breeze.
6. It is important not to move your computer while it is on because this can damage the Hard Disk.
7. If by accident you make the system fall, make sure you let a qualified technician evaluate and make recommends before use. (This can ease you from having to purchase a new computer). (*)


Prepared by: Daniel Bovell – ACP, DIT, Webmaster

Software Aspect of Caring for your Machine

Most computers, if not all, will experience a software problem before a physical one. Some users may not be familiar with the problems of computers and would conclude that their computer is no longer good. I could remember some customers at the company I work came and said that they no longer want their computer because it is not working and they prefer a new one. In most cases, the computers had software issues that were caused by the very customers. What were some of those Issues? Some computers had viruses, Spywares, wrong software downloaded for Operating System, Low Disk Space, wrong System requirements, etc.

It is very important to ensure that the following criteria are always met when dealing with the software aspect of caring for your machine:

8. Ensure that your system has a virus protection software
9. Turn off Automatic Updates (*)
10. Only install programs that are designed for your Operating System (OS) (*)
11. Avoid downloading Music, Games and other media. Stay away from Porn Sites
12. Use firewalls and other protections if you know how (*)
13. Try hard to attend basic computer courses if you are not computer savvy
14. Always check to see your disk space usage (Right Click on C:\ Drive and choose properties and you should see your disk usage.)
15. Delete temporary files and folders. (*)
16. Defrag system every three months
17. Limit the amount of start up programs to three (you can enable antivirus, side bar and welcome centre at start up) (*)
18. Call a technician if you are not sure about certain things (*)
19. Keep one or two User Account and no more (if possible one user only)
20. Avoid upgrading OS if you don’t have OS license
21. Install legal software only
If you follow these guidelines (1‐21) carefully and write them upon the tablets of your heart as your law ‐ your computer will last a lifetime.

(*) You can contact Zadan Services at (662) 519-3972 or email: or visit and submit a message through the Tech Support Forum.
Prepared by: Daniel Bovell – ACP, DIT, Webmaster

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