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About your Hard Drive


There are basically two types of hard disk in use today, HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive).  HDD has a magnetic disk that needs to spin and it also has a moving read/write head. HDD’s are noisier, slower, less reliable and bigger all because of those moving parts. While SSD’s have no moving parts and operate  using flash memory, the same principle as flash drives and therefore are quieter , it gives you a bit more speed(everything loads faster) and if you just happen to drop one it is less likely to cause any data loss or any other major hard drive damage. They also produce less heat (useful in notebooks), you don’t ever need to fragment and it saves you a bit of energy.


Hdd        SSD

HDD Image                           SSD Image

Most, if not all, consumer laptop or pc is shipped with HDD and because of this it is more likely that you will get a hard disk failure sooner or later. The sooner depends on how you care your machine. HDD is a fragile device and can be damaged by shaking, kicking, or frequently moving your computer around. This is a very important notice - keep it at the front of your head: Do not disturb your computer while your hard drive is spinning (in other words, don’t move or cause your computer to shake, otherwise you might need a new hard disk and end up losing your data).

Hard drive is composed by lots of small sectors. One or more sectors might go bad occasionally. One symptom from bad sectors is your hard drive may appear to run very slowly and take very long time to access files. If you are lucky, you may only lose the data stored on these bad sectors. However, if these bad sectors affect system files, your computer might become unstable or even crash in the next second. 
Shocking truth is that every hard disk in the world (except the complete NEW disk that just came out of the factory) has bad sectors. Don’t be afraid, help is not that far away.

You should seek the help of a qualified technician……call (246) 251-0669 | (246) 429-9015 or you can even send us an email: and we will be glad to assist you.



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