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Remote Support, as it is simply called is connecting to a user’s computer over the internet and repairing software issues, such as: viruses, spyware, computer running slow, or Windows problems. The good thing about Remote Support is that I don’t have to physically be there in person and you can watch all the work happen on your own screen as we take control of your machine, and get it working as normal again. The whole process is entirely safe, secure, and as the software works on a single user basis, we will not have access to your machine after the repair is done.

Please see below how this works:

    1. First, you download the client software (teamviewer) click here
    2. Then you click are just starting up the software (no installation is required)
    3. You provide me with the Username and Password as shown on the software
    4. I connect and evaluate your repair needs
    5. My Pay Pal Account is provided to you for payment, once payment is verified your repair/s would commence. That’s it...very simple.

If you need help you can call or chat with us and we would be happy to guide you through it.


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