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Wireless Fidelity (Wi-Fi) Problems and Solutions


To Check

See Technician




Low Wi-Fi signal

  1. You might be too far away from wireless router
  2. Router or Wi-Fi device attached to your pc/laptop is not working properly.

If you suspect 2. See a technician, but you can try powering off/on your router and Wi-Fi devices first.
If you have problem with signal strength, it could be antenna problem with either router or wireless card. I recommend that you get a range expander.

Constant or intermittent Disconnection from Router

  1. You might be too far away from wireless router
  2. Router or Wi-Fi device might be faulty.
  3. Virus on your laptop/pc


See a technician if you suspect 2 or 3.

Slow Browsing

  1. Could be viruses or
  2. Internet Service Provider (ISP) problem
  3. And even a crowded channel (Wi-Fi spectrum)


If you suspect 1 or 3 call a technician. 2 call your ISP. Other nearby devices like cordless phones could be sharing the same channel.

Unable to connect to Router

  1. You might be too far away from wireless router
  2. Could be a virus
  3. Your Router and Wi-Fi device might not be compatible (one might be too old)
  4. You might have a static IP address assigned
  5. If password is in use, could be they don’t match


  1. Too much stored wireless connections set to connect automatically

Power off/on work sometimes, but if not, see a technician.

Unable to see my SSID

  1. Make sure that your Router is powered
  2. Scan for signals
  3. Router might be set not to broadcast
  4. Device could be faulty


See a Technician

In essence, a power off/on might do the trick and get you up and running again, if not, you have a fault somewhere. It could be a virus or a faulty hardware. You should seek the help of a qualified technician……call (246) 251-0669 | (246) 429-9015 or you can even send us an email: and we will be glad to assist you.


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