This Website was developed and is maintained by Daniel Bovell, for anyone who wants to get an idea of Information Technology. I decided to build this website after being taught the basic language behind web pages, HTML. My lecturer, Dr. Andrew Dixon, delivered the topic so clearly that I decided to make Web Developmet my first topic for discussion. Before I get into the real thing though, I want to give you an overview of IT and the different ages leading up to where we are at present.

During the Stone Ages dated way back between 1,000 BC to 6000 BC mankind was concerned mainly with hunting and gathering food; being self sufficient; and success centered around who could best perform the said task. After this age came the Agricultural Age.

The Agricultural Age people work and home life was centered on the farm. Family was the means of production, consumption, and socialisation. Families lived in villages for generations and horse power was the main means of transportation. Universal education was rare, governance was largely local; and arts, literature, etc was created and funded by the no-farming upper class.

Then came the Industrial Age where the invention of the steam engine impacted on agricultural life. Life moved off the family farm into the factory. Factory provided secure, predictable income but long hours of work. Primary focus of education was to prepare students for a factory based life, schools taught the values desired in the workforce of the time: loyalty, obedience, trainability, dependability and punctuality. The development of railways reduced transportation cost and time. Big businesses stimulated communication and increased mail services. Financial trading information provided the backbone of telegraph traffic. Arts took a populist appeal; new division between work and leisure increase in sports and entertainment. Entertainment moved into the home through phonographs, radios and televisions. The Telephone and Television commenced the creation of the global village. Families remained in contact and businesses expanded their customer bases. Now we are looking at the information age after those ages mentioned.

The Information Age that we now live in is characterised by the value of information rather than raw materials or physical labour. Mental power rather than muscle. The key is knowledge. The information age introduced some new workers namely:

Many persons can work from home, empowered individuals have access to new learning opportunities, can sell their ideas, services, products, access medical information and government policies. Families living in different area can stay in touch. New skills taught in education: team work, project work,acquiring, analysing and communicating information. Distance learning education,computer assisted instruction. Lifelong learning is a necessity. Competition in business is gloabl and fierce shorter life span for companies which force businesses to constantly create market share with new products and services. Modern nation states may have to share sovereignty with Information Age NGO's. I hope that you have learned a lot from the little history I give to you, we indeed came a far way when looking back at the different stages of mankind's development. Good luck in teaching yourself Information Technology.

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