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How to make my computer last a lifetime

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Windows Tips

1. Most recent models of laptop and desktop computers do not come with Recovery Disks, instead they are usually shipped with a recovery partition. It is recommended that you burn a copy of this image onto disc. If you lose the factory image by accident or computer crash, we might be able to restore same from a ghost image of the same model.

2. Most PC's are shipped with trial version of Licenced Software (e.g- Microsoft Office Suite and most Antivirus Packages). In most cases you need to uninstall these trial versions and get the licenced copy.

3. If your laptop is over a year or two and is constantly shutting down after a few minutes (10-20), it is an indication that your laptop needs servicing. (The cpu fan might be blocked with dust)

4. If your PC suffers a fall, do not turn it on, take it to a professional first, it could save you having to replace it with a brand new computer.

5. When purchasing any computer on credit or warranty, ensure that you read the terms and conditions carefully no matter how fine the print is. It is always recommended to purchase extended warranty for your electrical product.

6. Always ensure that your computer is protected from electrical surge and spikes by using a voltage regulator or uninterruptible power supply (UPS)

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