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Welcome to "Zadan Tech Database". This database was developed with the aim of assisting you the Client to find suitable, qualified, PC Technicians to carry out your repairs, upgrades, installation of software and hardware, basic networking, etc. Zadan Services endorsed the following names that appear in this database to be on par with today's Technologies, especially, Microsoft products. There are lots of "fly-by" Technicians on the loose, so make sure you save yourself the grief by choosing a Tech from "Zadan Tech Database". As names become available, they would be added to this database.

Work For (Optional)
Daniel Bovell 347-607-7907 PC Repairs, Networking, etc. Zadan Services
Lancedale Eversley 238-3615 PC Repairs, Networking D.L.R Computer Services
Renric Phillips 827-9427 Computers -
Alestair Patterson 820-4139 Computers, Networks, Wireless -
Mobile Care Solutions 827-1480/81 Cellular Repairs, Unlocking, etc -
Colton Slocombe 252-8199 PC Repairs -
Dane-Ross Martin 243-8922 Computers, Networks, Wireless -
Carlos Johnson 251-9277 Maintenance, Repairs, Building -
Joe Harding 826-0095 Maintenance, Repairs, Building -

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